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Will closed his eyes. He could not hear Jem go, not anymore; he did not want to know the moment when he left and Will was alone, did not want to know when his first day as a shadowhunter without a parabatai truly began. And if the place over his heart, where his parabatai rune had been, flared up with a sudden burning pain as the door closed behind Jem, Will told himself it was only a stray ember from the fire.

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Shadowhunter Lineage: The Herondales and Carstairs

Will has always been the brighter burning star, the one to catch attention — but Jem is a steady flame, unwavering and honest.”

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the first word we hear will herondale say in the infernal devices trilogy is “Jem!” and the last word we hear jem carstairs say is “Yes.”

take a moment to think about that and if you need my assistance i’m crying in that corner.

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ya lit meme: 2/7 friendships → jem carstairs & will herondale (the infernal devices)

I don’t know how to live in the world as a Shadowhunter without Will. I don’t think I even want to. I am still a parabatai, but my other half is gone.

art x

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Will: I see you’re determined to miss my point.
Jem: If your point is that there was a pretty girl in the room and it was distracting you, then I think I’ve taken your point handily.
Will: You think she’s pretty?
Jem: Yes, and you do too.
Will: I hadn’t noticed, really.
Jem: Yes, you have, and I’ve noticed you noticing.
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"You are as dear to me as another half of my soul, Jem. I could not be happy while you were unhappy.”

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Jace: Why hello there I'm Jace Light-
Brother Zachariah: Oh really? Tell me more about it.
Brother Zachariah: Bitch, everything about you screams "HERONDALE"
Brother Zachariah: oh tell me how you feel about ducks
Brother Zachariah: and the pianist fingers bitch this was MY idea.
Brother Zachariah: also aren't you like, a sarcastic teenager with a tortured soul and invisible inner goodness
Brother Zachariah: and tell me more about falling for a girl you can't have for some reason
Brother Zachariah: liked A Tale Of Two Cities much?
Brother Zachariah: oh and did you know the guy whose eyes you inherited was named after me, by my FUCKING HERONDALE PARABATAI.
Brother Zachariah: Call yourself Lightwood one more time, bitch.
Brother Zachariah: ONE.
Brother Zachariah: MORE.
Brother Zachariah: TIME.
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Will: maybe demon pox will be our always
Jem: demon pox?
Will: demon pox.
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He grew up with the echo of the waves, the foam licking his feet.

"Why do You want to be like Me? Pirates are  free."  but He doesn’t feel that way. Unless when He throws himself into the oceans’s arms.

The large mass has always brought him everything.

Stories, calm, food… and sometimes sadness 
but He didn’t know it had had one last present for him.


Rin was the personification of his first love, the sea.

Unpredictable, dangerous, strong, unstable, beautiful.

Rarely quiet. With a latent wild force inside.
Like fire.
Red and warm, bright and powerful, like his eyes.


The sea salt on his lips again. The cold water caressing him.

“Haven’t You heard that mermaids drown you in the ocean?”

“Better. Then finally I’ll be with my two favorite things”

“ … ”

“I heard that a kiss from a mermaid would safeguard a man from drowning”

“No. They lured seamen to their deaths, Haru. Drowned to the depths and devoured them. Always hungry for the flesh of man”

Feared more than large bodies of salt water, worse than sharks, more magnetic and powerful than mermaids…

"Hold your breath. Hold it for the last time –


Full my pockets of sea stars

lay me down







A thousand miles down to the sea bed

wrapped around his salty arms

I hold him tight.

I hold him   t i g h t.

Together for 2 years today~♥ (17Sept)

(You are into mermen, I’m into pirates…Perfect./now I’m sad because internet/tumblr decided to ruin my gif)

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OK but look how young Haru looks here. Children under 20 can only have passports good for 5 years, so given that Haru is 18 now (it’s mid-August, and his birthday is at the end of June, and he’s a graduating senior—so 18) he is at least 13 in that picture.

That means he got it on or after July after Rin left.

Now why on earth would 13-year-old Haru need a passport? (his father lived elsewhere at the time for business—but still in Japan AFAIK—and he still lived with his mother at the time)

New headcanon: he either got it the summer after Rin left, out of a spur-of-the-moment desire to fly to Australia to see Rin (or “just in case”), maybe after experiencing that great relay with his new teammates/Sousuke and wanting to share it with Rin/see how Rin was doing—


He got it after their falling out, another spur-of-the-moment thing where he felt like he ought to go after Rin, to make sure he wasn’t serious, wasn’t really going to quit swimming.

And then eventually chickened out/couldn’t get his parents to agree to it.

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do you ever wonder how a character is doing after a series is over

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A very healthy relationship if only they met back then \(゚ー゚\)

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I cant finish this, but I had to get this out of my head

I really like Morphine Sly Blue’s Design

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Might as well go for a full house. I’ve always wanted to try out this kind of composition. Personally, I call it the ‘mafia lineup group pic’.

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